175: How to build a network that you can call on with Jason Treu

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Jason Treu
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Jason Treu is a Nationally Recognized Business & Executive Coach – Former Comms Exec Turned Influence Expert BeExtraordinary.tv. He Helps people solve challenges in many areas such as: Build key social, emotional, influence & communications skill sets to become an expert leader and global team builder, Connect to well-known influencers & strategic partners who can help move your business forward. He also helps them become so skilled at influencing people that winning new business & clients suddenly becomes significantly easier and uncover life changing investments, business and career opportunities


Jason has a goal currently to work on his next book and meet with 100 people by December 1.


He’s accomplishing this by using LinkedIn connections and looking at what he will be doing next and planning his ability to meet others around his schedule. Strategically setting up meetings ahead of time is how Jason will accomplish this goal.



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