176: Who are the right members for a mastermind group? Finding the people that will help you achieve your dreams and allow you to live freely with Anthony Witt.

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What are the right members? And how do I find them? Answering these questions is actually much easier then it may appear.

Areas to be aware of when selecting members for your group. Diversity is critical when forming a successful mastermind group because of the varying perspectives which each individual will bring to the table. Having individuals in different backgrounds industries education levels and all other manner of diverse eclectic nature will allow A group to help one another You’re in faster. It is this differing perspectives which allows problems to be solved in solutions to be found.

In general anyone should be able to create a mastermind with anyone else as long as they are willing to be open and learn from one another. The staunch reality is that we are human we are selfish and we hold tightly to some of our perspectives and allow them to affect our attitude and willingness to grow. Seeing and hearing other individuals perspective should give us a stronger conviction towards our own perspective and/or A new perspective to help us grow.

Some of the areas which are hot buttons for many individuals are listed below.

Religion & Politics

Religion and politics can be some of the most divisive topics in our society today but if we truly want to grow and help others we must first see the perspective which they are bringing to the table. It is OK to hold to our beliefs. We must have a clear understanding of why we hold to our place and how are beliefs differ with those we come in contact with and build a mastermind group round. If we do not have this understanding these topics will prevent the community growth in relationships which are critical for the success of a mastermind.


It is always nice to have individuals from varying wealth categories because they provide differing perspectives in a very positive way. The pitfall here is to not be relatable when the differing wealth categories are to vast. Wealth gap differences can be overcome but they are areas that can affect growth.

There are many places to go in order to find members of the mastermind group. Starting with like-minded individuals will go a long way for long Jevity of a group. Not necessary but helpful in creating a successful mastermind group is to focus your efforts on selecting individuals who have a loose infinity or connection with particular “thing. ” This could be a business topic, a product, a service, or even simply a mindset.

Here’s in areas where individuals have had success creating and fostering relationships in order to build a mastermind group.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool and most of the individuals on the social media platform are there to take action. Use the advanced search tools to find individuals that meet your criteria. What you located the individuals connect with them and begin fostering a relationship and diving into one another’s lives.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can be another good place to find individuals around a general topic because individuals in groups are already expressing their interest in a given topic. Begin posting and commenting on other threads in order to develop relationships. As you begin to see here and read responses from other individuals you’ll be able to find the individuals which best meet your needs.


By far one of the best ways to find individuals for a mask my group is to attend conferences and seminars (in person not virtually). Individuals who attend conferences and seminars are there to learn and engage with others therefore they already have a understanding of the importance of connecting and building community. Attend conferences around the topics which you are interested in growing in. At the conferences make sure to engage and build relationships with the other attendees.

Association Groups

Association group can also be a good place to find individuals in a given industry or niche. Attend meetings and functions of these groups in order to better understand the members and find ways in which you can add value to their lives. As you did all these relationships you can begin to find individuals would you have harmonious connections with

FaceBook Groups

Facebook groups can be another social media platform which allows you to nicks down to a specific industry market or topic and build relationships. An important aspect to remember about Facebook is that it is much more social than it is actionable. Make sure that you are selecting a group which has individuals that are ready and prepared to take action steps on the things that they discuss and talk about.


Podcast can be a great place to learn about potential members for your mastermind group. Podcast interviews can be extremely personal and will allow you an insight into the host or guest. When you hear or see individuals would you connect with reach out to them through whatever means they provide and begin developing a relationship.

Chamber of Commers.

I find Chamber of Commerce associations to be potential places to find members for a mastermind group. A component which Stifles a Chamber of Commerce ability to produce individuals interested in being a mastermind member is the old garb Business as usual attitudes which can Be seen in these organizations. The good Chamber of Commerce which is actively making changes to better their members will be a great place to find individuals for your group.

Congregate where the individuals you want to be associated with our congregating. In finding members for a mastermind group the most pivotal step of all is asking. You must get out and ASK.

In asking:

Once you narrow down a handful of individuals as potential members for your mastermind group it is important to take the next step of asking them to join you. And asking individuals to join you as a part of the mastermind group he must have a clear understanding of what a mastermind group is and be able to articulate that to potential members and their cognitive and educational level. Explaining what a mastermind group is and how it functions will be first and then quickly followed by what the Purpose or goal is the group that you’re asking them to be a part of.

What find ask

WHAT= what is the purpose and why will your mastermind group exist
FIND = go to where the individuals desire to have as members of your mastermind group are congregated
ASK = ask them to join you and explain what the goal and purpose will be.


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