181: Mastermind report card, how to know the health of your mastermind group with Anthony Witt

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Startup Mastermind, How to get started in 10 quick steps.

The 10 step quick start guide.
1. Why
Define your Why: And the Groups Why.
2. Who
Evaluate and determine what type of people would work best for the group.
3. Ask
Ask people to join you in the group.
Have a meeting as a Ice Breaker.
5. Conversation Platform
Find an out of group conversation facilitation platform.
6. When
Define and establish a meeting and times for meeting
7. Rules.
Determine and set the rules which will be used to govern the group
8. How
Find a Plate form that works for all invalided with in the group
9. What
What structure and format to use.
10. Start
Begin to grow your relations inside and out side of the meeting. Have Fun.

Mastermind report card

Vulnerability of you: (1-10)
Vulnerability of the group: (1-10)
Business Impact for you: (1-10)
Business Impact of the group: (1-10)
Goals Accountability for you: (1-10)
Goals Accountability for you: (1-10)
Personal Growth: (1-10)
Spiritual Growth: (1-10)
Ease of Involvement: (1-10)

Total Impact: (1-10)

Score your total out of 100


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