186: Group facilitation, building a mastermind that will succeed and help its members grow with Anthony Witt

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Is it nature or nurture? Developing leadership skills forces us to look at the reality of whether leadership is nature or nurture. So what is it nature or nurture? Biologist, scientist, another licensed professionals tend to argue for nature and nurture. The actions we must take in light of this must be towards the side of nurture. If we are born with a specific nature they cannot be changed our reality is set and no matter what we do nature or nurture we will be we are because nature has made us this way. On the other hand if it is nurture he must actively pursue becoming better and the things we lacking and struggle with. So the question is not nature versus nurture, it is what will we do and what action steps will we take.

This is important for mastermind groups because group the siltation hinges on our ability to improve as leaders. Hoping one another through the process of becoming better leaders is in and of itself masterminding.

The benefits of rotating facilitators:

Greater buy-in from all group members.
Lack of isolated group members.
Personal growth in leadership.

Benefits of a non-rotating facilitator.

Helps create consistency.
Good members know what to expect and how to react.
There’s always a leader to turn to.

Finding the facilitation mechanism that works best for your group members will take time but must be pursued in order to develop relationships and true community.


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