187: A world war two veteran that will teach you how to be an entrepreneur with Jack Nadel

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Jack Nadel has been an international entrepreneur for nearly seven decades—and has made a healthy profit every single one of those years. He has founded, acquired, and operated more than a dozen companies worldwide that produced hundreds of new products, thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars in profits, including Jack Nadel International, a global leader in the specialty advertising and marketing industry with 25 offices around the world.

From this broad and solid foundation of experience, Nadel authored a number of popular business books including his latest book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur, winner of five Global Ebook Awards including three Gold Awards for BEST in Business, Leadership and Careers/Employment. All were written with the purpose of assisting entrepreneurs with attaining greater business success.

In addition to his commercial enterprises and writing career, Nadel has lectured at several colleges and universities, developed his own targeted thinking methodology for entrepreneurs called The Nadel Method—a simple five-step process that was formed from proven principles to create new businesses while dramatically reducing the risk of failure—and for several years hosted his own television show, Out of the Box with Jack Nadel. Though insisting that he has retired, at age 92 Nadel—a decorated WWII veteran—continues to share his expertise and wisdom mentoring future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“To pass it on”


Jack has had a wonderful entrepreneurial life and he is accomplishing his goal to pass on his knowledge and education by developing videos, educational resources, and other writings.



Jack’s website

Jack’s book “The evolution of an entrepreneur”

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