188: Define your self accurately and be inspired by a champion with Nicholas Boothman

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Nicholas Boothman
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Nicholas Boothman spent the first 25 years of his working life as a fashion photographer and as a father of five children. He met so many people with tremendous potential but without any people skills – they were like roses with rubber bands wrapped around them – and they’d never blossom until someone took off that rubber band. He took a risk and traded in his cameras for a laptop. Before long he was visiting schools showing kids how to ace interviews and get jobs. From there it grew fast and within 6 months He was invited to be the kick-off speaker at the AT&T Canada annual convention at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. That event kick-started his new career as a speaker and author.

Today Nicholas speak all over the world and his books have been translated into more than 30 languages.


To help people and be an inspiring speaker and author.


Some of the action steps that Nicholas is taking is to join readers legacy be a motivational teacher and speaker to everyone he encounters


“Define yourself accurately


Nicholas’s website
His books

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