191: How to start a business, the business planning guide with Anthony Witt

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Starting up your own company is not an easy thing to do. Most often we get stopped by analysis paralysis from accomplishing our goals and starting our company. In today’s episode we discuss several common things which hold us back in respect to starting our own company. The questions we answered today’s episode come from you the listener.

Question #1. How do I use blogging to build a business following leading to sales.
This question is a common question which can be correlated across entire spectrum of social media and content-based work. The first most important aspect of blogging or content-based work is to be consistent. Consistency must come first. Once you have developed consistency and have maintain that consistency you also need to look into the value added which you are giving your audience. If you’re not providing them with valuable information they will not stick around for the long term. This means if you are not “consistently” adding “value” you will not be able to convert your followers into leads or sales. Finally you must have a mechanism to capture your audiences information so that you can begin to put them in your sales funnel. In order to go from blogging to sales you must have some type of conversion mechanism alongside your consistent value.

Question #2. How to raise capital. How to put together a perfect business plan. How do you know when its the right idea?

Each one of these questions can be extremely complex and could take up an entire episode, today we briefly scratch the surface on how to address these three questions. In raising capital we need to look at the industry as a whole and find out where capital is being raised and how capital is being raised. Don’t simply rely on the banks rely on other individuals in the industry to see how and what is possible. There is no such thing as a perfect business plan we must be willing to adapt and change as the environment and industries which we find yourselves change. Finally, finding the right idea can be somewhat of a myth or unicorn. Because of this we should focus less on finding the right idea and more on finding a good idea that is right for us. This all started with knowing yourself respect to your strengths, your weaknesses, your tendencies, and your preferences.


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