197: Raising kids that succeed and fighting limitations with Dr. Lynn Wicker

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Dr. Lynn Wicker is an author and certified Speaker, Trainer and Success Coach, She has 30 years of experience in public education, holding various leadership positions in K-12 and Higher Education, including Director of a Developmental Research School, Lynn is an international teacher of transformational leadership principles and uses her “adding value” lifestyle to connect with people creating life transformations. Her passion and purpose in life is to inspire individuals to find their own successes in life and live lives of purpose and meaning. Her education includes a doctorate in Education from Florida State University, as well as completing the Harvard Graduate School of Education Superintendent Institute.

Her primary goal is her book launch


The steps she is taking to make a successful launch is leveraging social media with a campaign, working in her local community, and meeting face-to-face with individuals.



Her Book
Her website

For more action steps and ways to learn how to take consistent and regular actions forward check out our “daily action steps for a champion” with me Anthony Witt tcepodcast.com/plan


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