199: College planning and management, supporting parents financially plan with Brad Baldridge

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Brad Baldridge is a late-stage college planning specialist. He helps parents of high school students plan and pay for college using strategies such as merit aid, need based aid, tax planning, savings and investing for college, negotiating with colleges, scholarships and loans. Over the past 10 years Brad has directly helped hundreds of families plan and pay for college. He has provided in-depth college plans resulting in increased financial aid, scholarships, identification of the right schools at the right price, and better loans. Brad’s expertise is featured weekly on his podcast, Taming The High Cost of College. Since 2013 Brad and his expert guests have explored and shared great information related to college planning. Brad lectures extensively conducting his workshop “Taming the High Cost of College”. Over the years thousands have benefited from his unique insight and great strategies, including high schools, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, School Counselor Association, Education Association Council, Association of College Admission Counseling, Bar Associations, and various Community Park and Recreation Departments.


His primary goal is to build his online platform and develop courses and education that he can both give away and sell. He wants to eventually turn this into a national brand.


He does this by actually recording videos and writing curriculum, doing podcast, and creating other writing material. He’s also looking at the bigger picture items such as affiliate marketing and the center of influences.


“I’m going to keep doing this until it works” right or wrong?


Taming The High Cost of College

Baldridge College Solutions

Baldridge Wealth Management

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