201: How to build your business credit score, the right actions and steps needed to get credit with Ty Crandall

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Ty Crandall
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Ty Crandall is an internationally known speaker, author, pod show host, and business credit expert.   With over 16 years of financial experience Ty is recognized as an authority in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business credit repair.  Ty is the author of two popular books on credit named Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded.  He is often interviewed on radio and news shows, TV programs, and magazines including Entrepreneur and Inc.  Ty currently serves as the CEO at Credit where he has helped create and grow one of the biggest and most credible business coaching operations in the United States.

Here are the topics we covered in today’s episode.
What exactly is business credit?
Can any business really get business credit?
Is it truly possible for a business to get business credit without a personal credit check?
Can a business get credit without the owner taking on a personal guarantee?
Why does it seem that only big companies are the ones who get business credit?
Are the credit bureaus in the consumer world the same as in the business world?
Does it matter what type of entity structure you have when you build business credit?
With business credit cards, are the credit issuers and credit limits similar to what you might see in the consumer world?
How fast can a business build business credit?
Do business credit cards have any impact on personal credit?
Who can see a business credit report, only the business owner?
Does a business owner need collateral or cash flow to get business credit?
What types of credit do lenders look at to decide on approving you for money?
How does a business start a business credit profile and score?
How does a business obtain business credit cards at stores?
How is it possible to get cash business credit cards?
What types of businesses should have business credit?
What are some tips to insure that a business owner obtains and keeps a good business credit profile and score?


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