202: The reality that what we believe is the reality that we live, change your habits with Ty Cohen

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Ty Cohen is an accomplished publishing expert, internet marketer, personal development coach, mentor, internationally known speaker, former morning talk show radio personality AND author who took a major financial gamble by quitting his corporate job and starting his own business. That business became an offline and online success generating millions of dollars in sales and totally transforming Ty’s life as well as the lives’ of countless others. Over the last 11 years, Ty has taught tens of thousands of individuals how to successfully market, promote & sell their books on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Platform using the very same system that allows him to generate upwards of $50,000.00 a month with KDP publishing. Using a unique combination of tested and proven methods and resources, Ty’s goal is to educate and empower individuals with the tools needed to operate a successful business both on and offline.


One of his primary goals is to build his company up so that he can sell it.


In order to accomplish this he’s taking action steps every day, in fact he’s doing the same thing every day. It’s all about setting the vision for what is next.



His website

For more action steps and ways to learn how to take consistent and regular actions forward check out our “daily action steps for a champion” with me Anthony Witt tcepodcast.com/plan


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