204: Be present in the industry, process your education and build your Diversity with Tom Tancredi

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Tom founded DOM & TOM, a mobile application development shop, in 2009 and has since grown the company (along with twin brother Dominic) into one of the INC 500’s fastest growing companies in 2015 with over 45 employees. D&T has worked with clients including: Priceline, Fitch, Bloomberg, GE, CliffsNotes, PowerRangers, the Emmy’s and more on over 250 digital projects. Tom is also a fervent entrepreneur, having personally invested in multiple start­up ventures in New York City, including John Brown’s Smokehouse, which was named Best BBQ in New York City in 2012 by the Village Voice. Tom has given presentations on digital culture at multiple events including Hearst, AOL Ventures, Tabula Rasa, and sat on multiple digital engagement panels.


A goal of Tom’s is to build a family with his wife.


In order to accomplish this personal goal Tom has to set up his business so that he is working with bigger clients and setting boundaries for the work that he does.



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