209: International success coach and public speaker how to get a book published and meet your goals with Slavica Bogdanov

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Slavica Bogdanov is a success life coach and artist that has published over 25 books, including 3 bestsellers, and whose expertise has helped thousands worldwide. Slavica’s latest book, From Bankrupt to Wealthy, is the most comprehensive book written to date about achieving financial success no matter where you are financially. Slavica focuses on what she calls, “the three pillars:” self-esteem, goal setting, and time management.  Her method and life are about ”everything is possible.” She also encompasses the laws of attraction and prosperity, and developed her own method of commanding one’s brain to achieve success.  She boasts a 90 percent success rate with her life coaching and has a guarantee that anyone’s life can significantly and permanently improve within 30 days if her methods are utilized entirely.


One of her primary goals as an author is to become a New York times bestseller


So the primary ways she’s accomplishing this goal is by meeting other booksellers, using social media and going to other shows. She is also taking action by sending her book to noted publishers.



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