213: How Flexible Work Solutions can work for you: a firm that helps companies assess, develop, and retain top talent with Dr. Joanie B. Connell.

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Dr. Joanie B. Connell is an author, organizational consultant, and leadership coach who helps people achieve their highest potential.  She works with companies to develop and retain top talent.  She works with people to improve their success and happiness in their careers, whether they are just starting out or looking for a change.  Dr. Connell is the author of “Flying without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life,” She gives keynote speeches to schools, youth groups, corporations, and parents. She works with organizations from Fortune 100 to not-for-profit and government and teaches at distinguished universities in the nation, including UCSD. She received her doctorate from UC Berkeley and her bachelors from Harvard.


One of her primary goals is helping people reach their goals in finding out what they want to be.


Some of the big ways that she’s able to accomplish this goal in helping others is by performing her coaching programs and activities.


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Her Book

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