215: What to do to make the best out of a conference, tips and tricks to achieving your goals at a conference with Anthony Witt

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Attending conferences can be one of the best ways to build a personal network. When we get off-line and meet people in person we were able to build relationships which is vital to our success as entrepreneurs.

Tip #1

Have your business cards: This may be straightforward but whether you have business cards, business pencils, or business stickers, be prepared to hand out some type of item for individuals you meet to remember you bye.


Have a follow-up plan of action: Whether you’re plan of action involves sending a personal email, a personal video, or personal hand written letter, having a follow up plan of action to immediately after your encounter will help to solidify you in the minds of your potential clients.


Don’t attend the sessions: If the conference you are attending has recorded sessions don’t attend the sessions instead spend your time engaging with individuals. You can always watch the recording’s after your return home.


Always be prepared to ask questions: Begin developing a list of questions that will be applicable for your conference and always remember to ask a follow-up question. Follow up questions frequently lead you to the pain point that you can be of service on.



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