216: Why sharing your goals is not necessarily the best thing for achieving your desired outcome with Anthony Witt

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Goals an interesting thing and as we have discussed here on The Champion Entrepreneur goals come in many shapes and sizes. When setting goals conventional wisdom tells us to make sure that we are sharing it with her friends family and other individuals in our networks. The truth is and the research supports the fact that sharing our goals actually does greater damaged then benefit. We have a sense of gratification and accomplishment even though we have not done anything but share our goal. More important than sharing our goals is to find someone who can be our accountability partner. Accountability partners are not there to see what our goals are on the contrary they are involved in our lives to make sure we are on the correct path. Find an accountability partner does not require that we share all of our goals it does require that we share where we struggle and what we need help with. As you spend time around friends and family find individuals who can be your accountability partners to help you achieve your goals as we can turn into the new year


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