219: Smart goals: How to be attainable in your goal setting with Anthony Witt

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Today we are talking about step three in the smart goal setting process. How to make your goals attainable!

ATTAINABLE: in order for you to accomplish your goals they must be realistic and obtainable. Out rages and big picture goals are great for long-term direction but our goals are not accomplishable they will be forgotten. Setting attainable goals in respect to the other four steps of smart goal setting will help you to create goals that are achievable. Setting attainable goals essentially is the heart behind whether not you have the physical, mental, spiritual or otherwise capacity to achieve what do you have set.

SPECIFIC: When setting a goal’s most important aspect to start with is a goal that will be specific. Specific goals are more likely to be accomplished then goals that are General. At this stage of the goal setting process you’ll be asking yourself the what, where, and who. Asking these questions and being specific on their answers will help you to reduce fall out and burned out on your goal. Eliminating burnout and fallout of the goal will go a long way and your ability to accomplish what you have set out and desire to accomplish.

MEASURABLE: keeping track of your progress and taking measurements along the way is the next step in accomplishing your goals. This aspect of goal setting sets roughly around how you will accomplish your goals and integrates the calculations measurements. Knowing the how, where and what of the measurement metrics you will use while accomplishing your goal will help you keep your goal in front of mind so that you can achieve it.

RELEVANT: if your goals do not fit into the big picture of your life in the direction you desire to go you will not see them come to completion. Goals that fit into the bigger picture of your life in the direction that you desire to go on more likely to be accomplished because they are relevant to your hearts desire in your life’s mission. Although a topic for another day setting your mission and direction will help you accomplish your goals. Fleeting desires and wants the did not follow along with the life direction you have will negatively affect your ability to accomplish your goals because of their lack of relevance to you over time.

TIME_BOUND: it has been said that if you want to accomplish something create a sense of urgency around it, that is why having time restrictions on your goals will help you to keep them in the forefront. Life has a tendency to pull our attention and many different directions and so when we set time boundaries around our goals we force ourselves to always be working towards them because of the urgency we have created with our time restrictions. It can sometimes be helpful to start with your time restrictions and then set the other four elements of your smart goal.


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