222: Write, edit, published, create your first book, the system and partnership needed to write with Morgan Gist MacDonald.

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Morgan Gist MacDonald
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Morgan Gist MacDonald works with people who want to write a book but don’t know where to start. You know that a book could build momentum for your life’s purpose, and, if you’re honest, you feel called to write your book. You have a message that people need to hear. The problem is you procrastinate, you make excuses, and you worry that it will take years to write a book.Morgan help you write a book that speaks your message out into the world with beautiful, compelling words. Together you and Morgan will create a vision for your book and walk chapter-by-chapter, together. Within a few months, and you will have a finished book that paves way for a new, incredible phase of your life as an author.

To create a course that is published on book writing.

When the was she’s accomplishing this is by bringing in a designer and moving everything in waves.

“Pay attention to when your heart rate goes up”
“The bigger the goal…”

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