232: Network marketing, how to make your decisions: consistency and focus with John Haremza

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John Haremza is a network marketing veteran with 25 years in the business and earnings in excess of $15 million. He has averaged over $1 million a year for the last 10 years. His all-time proudest accomplishment has been leading his teams to earnings of over $250 million and changing countless lives.

John’s story is a true American rags-to-riches tale going from a small town in rural Minnesota to a world-class network marketing leader.  As a youth he was faced with dyslexia and told he was slow and dumb and stupid.  His first job was working on an assembly line in a small factory in Perham.  He thought that this would be his best job ever.  His family thought so too.

His life changed dramatically the night he was introduced to network marketing.  As John says, “Network Marketing changed my life in ways that were beyond my imagination”.   His first excitement came when he found out that it was a level playing field.

His message is simple: “If I can do it with my challenges and background, then you can do it.” He is living proof that you can be successful in this business regardless of where you live, what you do, your age, your education, your background, or your finances.


One of John’s goals is to help people better understand the mistakes that he has made.


Some of the ways that he’s accomplishing this is by writing a book and promoting what he’s doing.



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