238: Unquenchably driven by opportunity and grounded by experience a veteran entrepreneur with Chris J Snook

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Chris J Snook is an award winning entrepreneur, venture catalyst, author and startup mentor since 2000. Currently at Ethology where he is tasked with helping client brands audit and strategically develop/implement a consumer-first (humanized brand) roadmap. Chris is responsible and accountable for our commercial strategy, client experience, and business development. He helps connect the dots between marketing & sales, product development, IT, finance, people, and operations to insure that the company optimizes a client-centric experience that drives business growth and market share.


His goals are to get in the best shape of his life, with making the most money in his life, and building a company faster than he ever has before.


Aside from setting a routine and getting up early one of the big ways that he is accomplishing this goal is by working on saying NO.



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