241: How to connect with people and build relationships with Anthony Witt

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Connecting with people always be a source of struggle for many individuals. Realizing that we live in a relational based world and that relationships and connecting is where we must start with in the activity Will go along way in helping us overcome the struggle.

Here are four quick ways to develop and foster connections so that you can build relationships.

1.) Be generous: In everything that you do be generous and show generosity towards others.
2.) Pay attention: When engaging in conversations with others always pay attention to the details and the nonverbal’s that are being spoken.
3.) People that are closest to them: When trying to connect with an individual sometimes it’s best to connect with the people that are closest to them by using generosity and paying attention.
4.) Provide help to others: Always be willing to lend a helping hand. If you have paid attention, been generous and connect with those closest your desire connection you will be able to offer valuable help in their time of need.


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