249: Scalability building companies that can solve problems with Paul Heirendt

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Paul has more than 30 years of experience in Internet services; SaaS; online; and print publishing, including building and managing several successful professional health information; consumer health information; business and financial information services and Web portals/sites.

Paul is an experienced intrepreneur, entrepreneur, founder, builder, and mentor with a strong history of successful, results-oriented business, sales and technical leadership.

Paul was involved in the formation of two of the most successful online services for Physicians, eMedicine.com (acquired by Web MD) an advertising sponsored information service, and MD Consult (mdconsult.com) the leading subscription online service for physicians and other health professionals used by 95% of U.S. Medical Schools.  Mr Heirendtsuccessfully managed the transition of the world’s most trusted drug information database Drug Facts and Comparisons (drugfacts.com) from a print subscription service to an electronic (CD-ROM & Internet) subscription service.  At Medifor (acquired by Allscripts) the team conducted some of the first electronic prescription transactions and created one of the earliest implementations of web-based electronic medical records.

Paul has been involved in the online community since the early 1980’s, he hosted a BBS for MIDI users  from 1983 until 1986, became an active member of the WELL (Whole Earth ‘Lectronic Link) the first “virtual community” in 1986, and published one of the first consumer CD-ROMs that included online access to updated content


To be involved in the work that can be scalable.


He is accomplishing this work by selecting companies and start ups that are specifically designed And have clear elements of scalability.



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