250: How to find your mission, The identity and mission for life. Changing millennial’s to change the world with Jared Buckley

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Jared Buckley was not born an entrepreneur rather he became an accidental entrepreneur. A quiet, shy kid growing up behind the scenes of his 4 siblings and twin sister, there was no reason to talk. Being the youngest of a large family allowed him to just coast on by with the flow of traffic. However his life all changed when he first was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in high school. He was suppressing emotions and his life would never be the same again. He was forced to talk.

Over the following 20 years, Jared Buckley has encountered multiple moments where life pushed him out of the norm to deal with abnormal situations. None was more notable than his first daughter’s birth. Fayth Ann Buckley was born in 2009 with Down syndrome. 3 months into her life she had open-heart surgery to fix her ailing heart. This changed Jared Buckley’s world radically.
No longer could Jared stay afloat within status quo, he was forced to live in the margins of life. It is in the margins where he found his extraordinary life. Since this time, Jared has started 3 businesses, a coaching practice, and set out to help people find the beauty in the uniqueness of life.


One of his primary goals is to cultivate the up-and-coming generation of millennial’s.


Some of the avenues he’s using to accomplish his goal include coaching, speaking, and writing for millennial’s.



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