256: How to find the work you love, 15 ways to begin the process of living your life and fulfilling your mission with Anthony Witt

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How to find the work you love, 15 ways to begin the process of living your life and fulfilling your mission with Anthony Witt

1. Childhood Dreams – What activities did you enjoy as a ten-to-fourteen-year-old kid? What made you smile and brought you happiness and a sense of accomplishment? There’s a good chance those same activities will bring you enjoyment today. Renew your youthful activities and incorporate them into your adult world. Blend these together to create something you can do that is unique and interesting. We grow up because we take on adult-sized responsibilities; this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life in a youthful way.

2. Play – Take time to play and allow yourself to be creative. Giving yourself playtime may open your eyes to new ideas and things that make you feel alive and accomplished. You also might be able to turn your play into your vocation. Is there a way to turn your hobby or the things you do when you play for a living? Brainstorm ideas of how to make a living from your play. ?

3. Bookstore Rabbit Hole – Take a trip to the bookstore. What three sections do you gravitate toward first? Can you spend hours in those sections lost in discovery and interest? I find I always end up in the same three areas of the bookstore. This isn’t a coincidence; it’s a sign I’ve found my areas of interest and a place where my passions grow. ?

4. Ask A Friend – Ask a few friends or family members what they believe are your strengths. What are you known for? What are you really good at and what are your weaknesses? Ask them to be honest with you. Once enough people answer these questions you will likely see similar answers and patterns. Use this as feedback to discover what you are good at and how you can best serve others. ?

5. Freewrite Brainstorm – Grab a pencil and some paper or use your the notes function on your computer and write down all the things you love to do. Write down all the things you’ve worked on you really enjoyed. The key is to write down everything that comes to mind; do not edit your thoughts because your conscious mind might block a thought that isn’t expected. You want your mind to let freely flow the things you love. Break through the mindset of trying to please others for now and jot down everything that comes to your mind; you may discover things you never knew were there! Push yourself to write down at least twenty-five things. ?

7. Join a Mastermind or Social Group – Bounce ideas off of trusted advisors. Discuss the things you enjoy and that motivate you and ask for feedback. Find out what they think your strengths are and what they think you are best suited for in your career. Outside perceptions are often helpful and accountability groups add much needed motivation. ?

8. Be a Giver – If you help others get what they want, they will likely do the same for you. Sometimes the first step to doing what you love is to help others. Oftentimes, whatever it is you want to do will help someone in some way; start by helping first to provide a solution for someone else; doing so may point you down the path of your sweet spot. ?Be Vulnerable – Don’t put up your guard with others or with yourself. Are the expectations of others—or yourself—keeping you from what you love? Share with others your troubles and thoughts about the things you love to do. You may be surprised at the helpful feedback you receive and help might come from the most unexpected places. ?

9. Start a Side Business – Start a side business that combines your skills and your passions. This will allow you to continue to build and grow it without losing interest. Do it without the intention of making money immediately. Build it and share with others in exchange for their feedback. The plan is to eventually monetize and leave your current full-time gig if that’s what you want to. This makes the transition from side business to full-time career more feasible. Some feel that once you reach your full time salary you will be in a good position to make the jump. ?

10. Baby Steps – Start now. Start by taking baby steps today. It may take time to actually make a business and turn a profit, but each step gets you closer to your goal. ?

11. Say No – Your time is finite and saying yes to one thing means saying no to something else. Don’t let busyness and the plans and expectations of others rule your life. Most likely, if you don’t choose to do the things you love, someone else will choose it for you. ?

12. Teach What You Know – YouTube, a blog, however you can get it out there. In today’s world there are a million ways to share your expertise. Once you start to teach and spread your messages you will develop a following and a passion and a business.

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