257: Pre-med help, how to reach your audience and add value with Ryan Gray

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ryan Gray
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Ryan Gray is a physician and founder of MedicalSchoolHQ.net and the Medical School Headquarters Podcast as a way to give back to the medical profession and those following in my footsteps.

He remembers what it was like to go through the premed and medical school process with little to no guidance. He hopes to offer the many thousands of students each year that are interested in going to medical school a clear picture of what is needed to get in and succeed in medical school.


His primary goal is to change and reconfigure his website from being a monthly site to being a coaching and course based site.


He’s accomplishing this by writing his books, coaching, and working on the changes needed to implement the platform, better content.



His Website

For more action steps and ways to learn how to take consistent and regular actions forward check out our “daily action steps for a champion” with me Anthony Witt tcepodcast.com/plan


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