260: Systems and process development to scale and grow with John Ferris

John Ferric
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Systems and process development to scale and grow with John Ferris

As the CEO of inVision Edge, John leads the team in Strategy Navigation, Innovation Engineering, and Organizational Activation. Prior to founding inVision, John held executive positions in the areas of strategic planning, sales andmarketing, operations, and human resources at several leading Manitoba organizations.

John is passionate about helping organization do great things, and this passion is the foundation of inVision. The inVision team is focused on helping organizations navigate the course, innovate ideas to reality, and activate to achieve sustainable results. inVision Edge is the leader of the Canadian Innovation Engineering™ Network.


One of John’s big goals is to scale and grow his company to take it to the next level


He is accomplishing this goal by hiring good people and developing systems and processes so that he can scale



Email (johnferris@invisionedge.com)
Phone# 204-290-7110

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