261: Why a mastermind group, the important respective that a mastermind group can give you that you cannot get on your own Anthony Witt

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I personally used in mastermind group in the recent past to help me make a big decision in my life and business. I have been thinking about purchasing a business in and made an offer on a business that had been excepted. In order for me to make the shift and decide that I want to purchase a business I needed a business that had scalability, owner back to finance, and owner buy-in. After finding this type of business I made an offer that had been excepted.

I brought the offer to my mastermind group to discuss it with them because I was prepared to move forward. After discussing it with my mastermind group they brought up legal concerns, financial concerns, liability concerns, and other system concerns that I otherwise would not have been able to come up with on my own. My mastermind brought to the table over 300 years of experience in business, legal, finance, systems, and law. They quite literally gave me an Ivy League education on the process. Because of the questions and concerns they raised I went back to the seller and inquired for more information, upon receiving that information I was able to make an informed decision and eject the company. One or two of these disciplines was not enough for me to step out of the situation but because my mastermind group had all of these aspects of business and life covered I was able to become extremely educated in a very short period of time.

My mastermind prevented me from making a big mistake.

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