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wayne Herring
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Wayne has traveled a non-traditional path to consulting, coaching and training, but it is a path that has given him a unique perspective on business. Trained as an engineer, he learned to analyze systems and processes in order to develop solutions that win. His time in construction, consulting and then sales and business development taught him how to strengthen individual people and build exceptional teams for solid profitability.

A few of his core beliefs:

  • He believe that when you share information with others in your business you generally get back more than you have given out.
  • He believe that Sales Management is one of the hardest jobs on Earth.
  • He believe that huge profits can result from focusing on your people.
  • He believe that profit is not a dirty word.
  • He believe that sometimes nice guys have a different definition of finishing last…or first.

Having played key roles in the rapid growth of a company, He managed a sales force through a recession and navigated the successful sale of a 25 MM company with a staff of 80 people. Before forming the Herring Group, Wayne was VP of Sales and Marketing at a private company, where he built a scalable platform that was based on systems rather than individuals. This goal oriented platform allowed the direct sales force to grow from approximately 20 sales consultants in 14 states to 35 sales consultants in 22 states. Our company sold a premium priced product in a commoditized market.


One of his primary goals is to have a new website up in the next 90 days.


One of the ways that he is accomplishing this goal is by utilizing accountability groups and having individuals keep him accountable.



His Email (wayne.herring@theherringgroup.com)


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