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Butch Bellah is a Speaker, Sales Trainer, Author and Coach and truly love helping others reach new heights, develop new skills or overcome obstacles and hurdles.  He formed B2 Training & Development to specialize in sales training and coaching for organizations and individuals. With more than 25-years of hands on experience “in the trenches”, he feels uniquely qualified to help you avoid pitfalls, break out of slumps or simply improve your selling skills. In his career, he spent almost 16 years with a large regional wholesale food distributor and helped grow it from $35million in annual sales to more than $250 million before acquiring the company as a minority shareholder with a business partner. Today Butch work with companies, individuals and sales teams to help them get more appointments, land more business and retain more customers—all while focusing on bottom line profits.  He get to speak regularly to groups throughout the southwest where he is able to draw on more than 10-years of experience as a professional stand-up comedian.


His major goals currently is to launch masterminds in the first quarter to help sales managers and sales individuals.


To accomplish this goal he’s doing several things such as being on podcast, online ads, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media activities.



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His website:


For more action steps and ways to learn how to take consistent and regular actions forward check out our “daily action steps for a champion” with me Anthony Witt tcepodcast.com/plan


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