Episode 74 – Looking at the Big Picture with Joan Sotkin

admin@pod10th June 2015.
Joan sotkin
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On this episode of The Champion Entrepreneur, Anthony is joined by holistic business and money coach, Joan Sotkin. Joan shares her journey from an entrepreneur family, and her unique view on the popular strategies and systems. Joan also talks about her approach to looking at the big picture and not just the little aspects of life and business.


Key Takaways:

[00:01:42] Joan shares her view on having a goal system

[00:05:45] Looking at the big picture

[00:09:17] Joan talks about the attribute that makes her a champion

[00:10:56] Joan’s journey into entrepreneurship

[00:15:43] Joan explains her view on walls and hurdles

[00:16:57] How Joan stays organized

[00:21:21] Joan’s support system

[00:24:25] Joan talks about automation

[00:26:15] What has Joan pumped up about her business today

[00:27:08] Advice that Joan would give her younger self

[00:28:24] Joan’s final piece of advice

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