About The Champion Enterpreneur

Hi my name is Anthony Lee Witt and I am the founder and creator of The Champion Entrepreneur. If you are reading this page it is more than likely that you are not interested in who I am but more importantly, how I can create and provide value for you and your business. In a nutshell, this is exactly what The Champion Entrepreneur is all about; providing valuable information and resources to help you become the champion that you know deep down inside that you are. Like most entrepreneurs and individuals in this life, I have had my fair share of struggles. I believe that no matter who you are, there have been one or two struggles which have held you back from becoming the champion you were made to be. I want to help you overcome these struggles.

  • What is holding you back?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What or who has stopped you in the past?

We are all made with unique attributes and strengths. Focusing on the strengths is one of the ways we can get the Champion inside to come out. I personally have been blessed with the inability to properly take the written word and make sense of it in my mind. This is more commonly known as dyslexia. Yes I did say BLESSED. This disability or more appropriately, this weakness has plagued me my entire life. From determining how I would be able to pass a driving exam to ordering food at a restaurant or even being able to spell my children’s full names. By looking at the negatives for years, I held myself back and my ability to help others and provide value for those I come in contact with. Because of this weakness I have developed a keen sense of understanding and ability to connect with people and help them find their true calling. By focusing on my strengths and not my weaknesses I have been able to develop a keen sense and ability to analyze situations and develop practical and usable plans for overcoming what holds you back. Converting my weakness to a strength and focusing on my strengths has made a world of difference in my personal and professional life. I absolutely love helping others do the same in their lives.
I’m a father, a husband, a brother, a son, and an entrepreneur. In all, I strive to be a Champion one day at a time.