Accountability Coaching

Training Camp Accountability Coaching

The time spent at Training Camp will be in achieving clarity and defining or building out your “Why.” Made to help you live on purpose and set your sights on being a Champion to achieve your mission.

Training Camp is a place of foundation. It’s the starting stage where inventory is taken in preparation for the competition ahead. At Training Camp, abilities and talents are permeated, desires evaluated, accountability implemented, and a strategic plan is made. It’s the beginning stages of becoming the Champion you are within.

Training Camp Track

●  Stretching Stage​: Full session(s) defining Vision, Mission/Purpose, and Core Values to begin to establish a “Why”

●  Warm-up Stage: ​Discovery of Champion Assessment and implementation of personal analysis.

●  Practice Stage:​ Sessions to address the building out of your vision and purpose through the use of identifying, researching, and articulating action plans.

●  Final Drill Stage: ​Session(s) designed to bring together a comprehensive road map and overall game plan that meets and is inline with vision, goals, and Why.

●  Competition Stage: ​Ongoing weekly, biweekly, or monthly coaching sessions in order to achieve the realization of a life with purpose on purpose.

Included in accountability at the Training Camp Level: (Minimum services)

●  1-hour weekly sessions for  accountability planning and  discussion exploration​(​phone, internet, or in person)

●  Unlimited email & text discussions

●  Additional phone conversations (when necessary to address any I​immediate​ and urgent needs)

●  DISC profile and Myers Briggs analysis

●  Personal Champion Assessment accountability map.

●  Cost: $1050 per-month

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