admin@podJanuary 28, 2015

Three Top Ways to Stay Motivated and Inspired!


Do you ever find yourself lacking in motivation and inspiration in areas where you used to be completely fired up and inspired? I know that for myself, no matter what subject or activity I almost always become uninspired and unmotivated over time. In life this can be relatively no big deal except for its tendency to ingrain a lack of focus and the drifting habit of constant change.

In business on the other hand, it can result in years of failure and ultimately a lack of financial profit for a company. The most straightforward and easiest way to overcome a lack of motivation and inspiration is to simply STOP IT! That’s right just STOP IT! Let me say it again stop it! Check out this Comedy Central sketch with Bob Newhart on this very subject.

When we put a lack of motivation and inspiration in these terms (stop it) it tends to lose touch with reality. Although funny as the skit “stop it” is, it is not necessarily a usable resource for individuals suffering from this type of ailment. It is important to look at motivation and inspiration as not simply a light to be turned on and off, but more like a gas tank which needs to be continuously filled. In order to continually fill this imaginary gas tank we must be weekly, daily, and even sometimes hourly engaging in tasks which fill up the tank.

Here are three tactics which could be used daily and weekly, and routinely will help you continually stay motivated and inspired in whatever work or job you’re performing.

#1) Read books.

You may be thinking to yourself, seriously read books? Let me explain why I list this as a top resource for staying motivated and how I implement it into my work and life. When I say read I am not necessarily talking about blogs such as this one or social media base outlets, quotes, Twitter feeds, and other short focus-based material. What I am suggesting is that you read good old-fashioned published books.

The way to do this is by reading two or even three books at the same time, all covering different topics. For example if you are interested in determining how to streamline your life and only focus on the essentials you might read Greg McKeown’s Book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, yet on the other hand if you’re struggling with the mindset differences between the middle class and self-made millionaires you may decide to read ― Lewis Schiff, Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons. It is critical that you are continually reading and that you’re reading on different topics; such as how to streamline your processes and implement systems in order to reduce your load which is discussed in The four hour work week or learning how to connect with your customers by having a clear and precise “why” to your business in Start with Why by Simon Sinek. There are plenty of hardcopy books out there today which can help you stay motivated and inspired. If you’re interested in receiving a list of recommended books shoot me an email and I would be glad to share with you the books which have kept me motivated and inspired.

#2) Listening to Other Individuals

Another method which I integrate into my daily routine is that of listening to others who are motivated. This helps me feed off of their energy mentally as well as physically as I progress in my day. Listen to podcasts such as John lee Dumas’s Entrepreneur On Fire or Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income. Podcasts and radio shows such as these will help keep you motivated. This is where I would also recommend watching short YouTube clips and videos or reading blogs such as this one in order to learn from others’ experiences; specifically on being and staying motivated.

#3) Engage with Like-Minded Individuals

If you are not involved with a mastermind group, accountability partner, coach, mentor, brainstorming group, or some other person-to-person business-related contact you are missing out on one of the best ways to stay inspired and motivated. Get involved with people such as “View From the Top” with Aaron Walker and his mastermind groups. One great way to stay inspired and motivated is to hire a coach. Hiring a coach is not a contract for life, but can and should be changed as your situation and business changes. If you find yourself in need of a coach and don’t know which way to turn, reach out to me, I’d be glad to help find the right individual for you. If you surround yourself with like-minded individuals you can’t help but be driven, inspired, and motivated to move forward.

When I find myself with lack of motivation or inspiration it is typically because I have ceased engaging in one or more of the above activities. When I turn back to these activities by reading regularly, finding inspiring individuals, and engaging personally with like-minded individuals I can’t help but have my tank filled up.

So in other words, just get out there and STOP IT, letting your motivation and inspiration go that is.