I use to listen to books regularly while working out, on the go, shopping or just relaxing so that I can spend all of my getting the highest quality of learning as possible. Click here to get directly connected to their site. Audible


When I need resources, hard copies of books, or any other item I first check Amazon. I have saved hundreds of dollars and receive my resources and materials fast when ordering with Amazon. Click here to go directly to their site. Amazon

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to create blogs and other written content is the place to go. REV allows you to dictate to your phone or computer and then have your audio translated into text by actual humans. If you’re creating any long form content this is a timesaver that is worth it’s weight in gold.

PowerPoint Design 24/7

When you are making important presentations, you need the confidence of knowing that you have professionally designed slides backing you up and PowerPoint Design 24/7 has presentation experts that will work with you to make you and your slides look great.

Podcaster’s Paradise.

Looking to start a podcast there’s no better place than podcaster’s paradise with John Lee Dumas. This is where I found all my resources to formulate, start. and launch my podcast. Click the link below to get a introduction from John Lee. Podcaster’s Paradise

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