admin@podJanuary 28, 2015

What is a Champion Entrepreneur?

The Dent d'Hérens is a mountain in the Pennine Alps, lying on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

About six months ago I had what some might call an epiphany regarding my understanding of success and the implementation of daily activities needed to achieve success. In order to fill my desire to answer the question as to what the difference was between a successful and non successful business man or what we call champions versus non-champions.

I began to heavily research the topic and came across what I consider a startling discovery. There are at least three primary elements which make a Champion and give an individual the ability to become a champion.

These elements are:

  • First: Attitude or the mindset and belief structure which individuals have.
  • Second: The ability to take action and consistently continue to move forward through actual activities.
  • Third: The support and ongoing principle of partnerships through accountability and other person-to-person interactions.

I have come to call these principles: Attitude, Action and Accountability. (I really do not like the fact that they all start with “A” but I keep saying it this way so it has began to stick)

I have found that there is a large amount of resources available to individuals who are looking to take their dreams or beliefs and convert them into motivation, and inspiration as a driving force in their lives. In much the same way, I also found several places where individuals can become connected socially and better their understanding and grow positively through coaches, mentors, mastermind group, partners, business partners, and other person-to-person interaction. The resource I found lacking was that of actionable steps (or the Action) that individual should take to become a Champion in business and in life.

Because of the lack of resources in respect to actionable steps needed to become a champion entrepreneur I decided to launch a podcast dedicated specifically to the ACTION STEPS needed and used to become a champion. I believe that learning from successful and Champion Entrepreneurs is pivotal for achieving success in the business world. By interviewing today’s most successful entrepreneurs and asking them what ACTION steps they used to become a champion, you will be prepared to take your inspiration and motivation and put it into ACTION.

I have developed a five day week business podcast that is focused on the action steps individuals have and are you using to move forward. I ask questions such as How to set goals and achieve them? How to finance, market, and organize your new company? What it takes to push through the roadblocks and come out better on the other side? What attitudes and behaviors are key components to achieving long lasting success?

In the words of Stephen Pressfield and his book the War of Art:

“Nothing else matters except sitting down EVERY DAY and trying.”
Steven Pressfield,

I believe wholeheartedly that there’s so much more to becoming successful and a Champion BUT don’t underestimate the importance taking action! By no means does action equal accomplishment or success yet we will never achieve accomplishment without first taking action.

One Day. One Step.

I really appreciate that you are reading this post.