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We are here to challenge business standards by embracing your passion and giving you action steps to become a champion.

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If you are prepared and willing to take your passion and drive to the next level and become the champion you know you can be, you are in the right place. Here are some of the questions we strive to answer:

  • How to set goals and achieve them.
  • How to finance, market, and organize your new company
  • What it takes to push through the roadblocks and come out better on the other side.
  • What attitudes and behaviors are key components to achieving long lasting success

These are just the tip of the iceberg, join me, Anthony Lee Witt, weekdays for The Champion Entrepreneur podcasts. Begin your journey today to becoming a champion, One step, One day, on the road less traveled.


  • Ep. # bonus
    John Dwayer

    John Dwyer (known as “JD” by most of his clients) is a marketing enigma. When it comes to creating sales for small businesses, his “thinking” is refreshingly unconventional.

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  • Ep. #270
    Bill Caskey

    Bill Caskey is a sales development leader and experimenter who has been improving B2B sales teams and executives since 1990.

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  • Ep. #269
    Don Silver

    Intrepid Entrepreneur, Educator, Uncomplicator, Empowerer, Inspirer and Visionary – Don Silver assist budding entrepreneurs in their search for their own magic sparkly dust and becoming their own mystical creatures.

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Who I Am

Inspiration, passion, and drive are critical ingredients for being successful in business and in life. I have spent my career developing and educating myself as to what comes next. As someone who has worked extensively in both private and public sectors and developed organizational and system management on both the personal and industry level, it is my belief that we can take the next step. What is the next step? This is the question so many people are trying to answer.


Anthony is without a doubt a “Top Shelf” guy. Having spent a lot of time with Anthony I have watched him work through many situations and he has always demonstrated honesty and credibility in every way. All I want to say is Anthony is a great friend and businessman.


Coaching - 100% money back guarantee!

If you are interested in taking the next step to becoming a champion and taking control and capitalizing on your passion, let's talk. Start today to become the champion you know you can be!